Jin Kazuna

Jin has lived in Iridine all his life. Until his seventeenth year Jin lived a relaxed lifestyle, his parents were relatively wealthy and everything he needed he recieved.

A few weeks before he would turn eighteen he was travelling through town with a few of his servants when he saw an innocent man mugged ruthlessly by a thief. Jin started forward to help but the thief was too quick for him and ran off down a back alley. Jin instructed his servants to carry the man to the nearest inn, the Stone Toga. In a few hours and after a few drinks the man thanked Jin and left to return to his family. Buying himself another glass of wine Jin dismissed his servants so he could think. He realised that all was not as it seemed, outside the white-washed door of the Toga a evil blackness lurked, eating away at the fabric which held society together. He realised that this side of life was what he had been protected from. Worst of all he realised that he alone could not do anything about it.

Jin returned home at around Two o'clock in the morning, drunk enough to forget his new miseries for the time being. The next morning however the memories returned. Jin realised that he wanted to go out into the real world and meet real people and experience for himself what life was like for everyone else. To prepare himself he hired a gladius trainer and trained for hours on end, obsessively to become skilled.

Two weeks later, the day before he turned eighteen his father died. Jin stayed by his bed all day praying to Ereal, but to no avail. The next day Jin found that his mother had died of heart-break, he found her on her bed the pillow still wet with her tears. Not believing something like this could happen Jin found he now had the freedom and purpose to go out into Iridine and face whatever it could deal. Changing his surname and gathering together a few possesions Jin set out onto the streets. Jin found that through fighting for a good cause he could forget the misery inside him towards the death of his parents. If spoken to about his past or his parents Jin will probably avoid the questions and then go and drown his sorrows with a few mugs of Pego's ale or by fighting a few thugs. Jin is now beginning to forge new friendships and as a member of the Falcons Guild battles the evil which hides within Iridine's serene walls.

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