Jetal Tukasto

The History of Jetal Tukasto.

Born in Duvaen of the Safelands his parents were noted has the local healers.

They would tend to any wounds that people suffered while out watching the goat herds. His father became noted for his healing hands, and his generosity, while his mother was noted for her beauty and sincerity.

Jetal himself began learning the healing arts since before he could remember, some commenting that, "He was born with a needle in hand". He would often tend to the villagers when his dad was away, tending their own herd.

Life was good in their little village, and Jetal would often take pleasure to sit atop a hill and watch has the sun set into the horizen.

One day, however, when Jetal was 10, he noticed a stranger in the valley. He was on the brink of death, and seemed to be in complete shock. Jetal took him back to their house and tended to him. The man, though average in appearance, gave Jetal an unsettling feeling, but he couldn't just let him die.

Has the man lay in the bedroom resting Jetal and his family sat down to supper. Then a loud sound startled them, it was the man. He had waken up, and despite his condition seemed to be quit healthy.

Has he stared at the man Jetal saw the glimmer in his eye has the man stared at his mother. the man pulled out a bloody dagger from his breeches and approached her.

Jetal's father tried to fend him off but the man was much more powerful and threw his father to the side. Taking his mother into his arms the man began to flee out the door. Jetal tried to stop him but the man began to lunge at him.

"Run!", cried his father has he pushed the man aside. But Jetal was to scared, in all his life he had never seen such a thing. Running ot the farthest corner of the room Jetal watched has his father fought with every bit of his strength, his mother crying out loud,, "Please, let me go!".

It was all in vain. the man slew his father with the slightest motion of his blade. Staring at Jetal he said, "I have no interest in you", then gave him a swift kick to the stomach, knocking him out.

When he awoke Jetal found that everything was destroyed, what was he to do. In one night all he knew was destroyed. Packing up all the supplies that were left into a small bag, Jetal ran has far from the Safelands has he could.

Consumed by anger he wondered the lands for ten more years thinking of what he should do, what became of his mother. He would spend hours, sometimes days in quiet meditation. Wishing for Vengance he remembered what his father would always say, "Son, strength is not in killing another. It is in the ability to give them that life back."

He decided to continue in his parents path, to heal others. He finally found himself in a place called Iridine. Gazing in awe at this mighty Republic he decided theat this place was desperatly in need of healers, and perhaps it could offer him a new hope.

Still searching for his mother, Jetal continues sharing his ideals with others, and hopes for a day when all will be safe from injustice.

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