Quick Facts:

Race: Iridinian
Profession: Entertainer
Hobbies: Tavern Crawling, Hunting, Debating.
Instrument of Choice: Fife
Most embarassing moment: Tuesday, 5:43pm.. (Trust me, you'd be embarassed, too.)

The man known today as Jarmaug was raised in the merchant's quarter in Iridine. A sharp wit inherited from his mother and a shrewd mind from his father (a door to door lantern oil salesman), Jarmaug learned very young that he could use his powers of persuasion to get what he wanted. And use his rich imagination to make people think they got what they wanted.

Tired of the idiocy of the locals found in Iridine, a adolescent Jarmaug decided to see the world. He traveled to far away lands, learning quickly how to earn his meals quickly after watching an itinerant story teller served a large meal for telling a mediocre tale. Taking the stories his mother told him as a child, and newer tales he learned on the road, he earned his way through Cinera, Aestevan, Windward, and beyond. 

When the Republic freed the city from the clutches of Cinera, Jarmaug decided it was time to visit home again, and draw what tales he could from the rubble. Spending only a short time in the city, Jarmaug once again found himself itching to head towards the horizon. With a kiss for his Ma, and a quick word with Da for a small stipend to help him along for a while, Jarmaug left Iridine for points unknown even to himself.

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