Where to begin...As a good friend of mine would say...At the beginning! Well, I was born to good parents, with a paltry, but steady income. What they got they earned, and never a pence did they steal. They were a fine example, and one I shall follow to my death. Growing up I had many adventures as children do. I would oft wonder into the woods and explore the things there, happening upon dead or wounded animals along the way. I would inspect them, and at time free them, if that were the best thing for them. Sometimes it was death. Death, it seems has never fazed me. It is a part of life. One's death, is the birth of an assortment of other creatures. I just don't plan on letting those creatures live by means of my death for a long time to come. Along the way, I picked up one-handed sword fighting from my father, albeit not the best teacher of such things being a farmer and the son of a carpenter. He knew that I loved such things, and helped me as best he knew how. The rest I learned from practice and teachers of the skill. From my mother, I learned how to do many a thing, which has helped me thus far. She has taught me which berries in a forrest can be eaten, and which cannot. She has also taught me, along with my father, the importance of respect, and honour. The two go hand in hand. If one has no respect, he deserves no honour, and vice versa. My personal history which is not accounted for here, is for those only close to me. I reserve that part of my life because only those who I trust deserve to hear such things. I came to Iridine because one such person, Jerreth, wrote me of the riches, knowledge, and training which are to be gained from here. He has been a friend for a while now, and also a teacher. From him, the man he has become, after years of honourable endeavouring, I wish to learn the ways of the knight. My ultimate goal is to be a paladin. Such an honourable position, would do my parents proud. And I wish to make them proud. I have done everything I could to that end, and will continue to do so, so long as there is still breath in these lungs. Currently, I reside in a modest dwelling, renting a place from a nice old woman, working the occasional odd job to keep food on my plate, and some clothes on my back. I hope to one day, become the man that Ereal would have me be. A man of truth and light to my friends and loved ones, and to those of the darkness, a killing blade.

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