Jacob Winks

My life was a series of painful sorrows. From these sorrows, I developed a side of myself that few have seen . . . my insanity.

When I was only 7 years old, my father, Sir Arthur Winks, was sent out on a very routine mission (for he was involved in the local militia) where he was to deliver some well needed supplies to a neighboring village. But he never returned. The Cinerans murdered him when they raided his caravan. After the loss of my father, I developed a sort of . . . disease . . . a disease of the mind . . . because of my unbearable hate for the Cinerans. I obsessed about the Cinerans for years; teaching myself the trade of my father, the stave, so that I may one day avenge my father's death. To this day, I have never found the most sacred item in my father's life that the Cineran's stole that dreadful night; his stave.

While I practiced in the art of staves, my mother, Iris Winks, fell ill to the one of the most deadly plagues of my lifetime; The Broin Plague.

What this plague did was, it would attack one's body tremendously. In the first week, the infected individual would develop scars all over the body. These scars were layers upon layers of skin where the uppermost layers failed to dissipate. These layers would remain there, creating huge pockets of skin upon one's body. Now this was a disturbing sight. During the second week, the scars upon the body would liquefy into a green pus. This pus was then sucked back into the body immediately, where it would accumulate in the person's blood. When this happened, the person would die of suffocation, because the pus would block all air from reaching the body.

At the age of 35, my mother died. This was a great sorrow upon my heart. So, at the age of 15, I left my home, in search of a life without death. After 3 years of searching, I found a place of residence in the city of Iridine. This, I hoped, would be the city of life, not death.

After living within the city of Iridine for a few years, I heard rumors about a unique stave used by a soldier of the Cineran army. From the rumors, I had an almost exact description of my fatherís stave. But after many attempts to find this unique stave, I have yet to find it.

After these feeble attempts, I decided to leave Iridine in search of a life without any reminders of the sorrows of my childhood. But the thought of my fatherís sacred stave drew me back to this city. I someday hope to retrieve my prized possession.

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