Isamu Kobayashi

Memoirs of an Altene ronin

Part I: The Longing for Adventure

I’m Altene by birth. My family arrived there when my father was a boy. My family was among the refugees from a war in a kingdom far to the east of Iridine. All of us settled in a small village deep in the hills. I grew up learning a blend of Altene and eastern traditions. When I was young, I dreamed of exploring the world, and when I turned 16 I left my family tou journey with my childhood friends Hyuuz, Tsubame, and Alva. We booked passage to Blackvine, and sailed realatively uneventfully to the Republic. After a short stay in Vetallun Village, we traveled overland to the city of Iridine. My first night in the city, I slept in the kitchen of the Stone Toga, because I didn’t have enough money to pay for a room. The next morning I awoke to begin my life as a resident of the most powerful empire in all of midlight.

Now I’ve been in Iridine for 3 months, and I know the city inside and out. Currently I am between jobs, and I pass the time hunting in the sewers. Hyuuz, Tsubame, Alva and I are still pretty close, and we often hunt together. So far city life has been fairly good, but I’m getting the longing inside to move on, as if its time for new adventures . . . .

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