Idicus RingStaff

*the sounds of a door being opened hard* *A older man stares at a young man sitting at a desk drawing on a piece of parchment with care* *the sounds of the Parchment being snatched from the desk and a ink well being thrown across the room to crash against the wall*

"What's this!!??" the older man gestures at the parchment while holding it into the light to get a better look at it. "Another Drawing of your my son?" sneers the father at the young man.

"How many times have i told you to stop this useless Hobby boy?" growls the father.

" I knew i should have never let you wander far from home, to think i encouraged you to go train with Adicus RingStaff, if i would have known the only thing you would have learned from that man was how to map, i would have never agreed to let you receive your War Training from him."

*the sounds of the Parchment being ripped into little pieces*

" I am Ashamed to call you my son, for all you do is disappear for weeks at a time and then reappear suddenly and close yourself off in this room to draw all day long while ignoring your War Training" the old man says to the young man.

"I've had enough of your ignoring your Duty and spending all this time wandering around and drawing on Parchment all day. From this day out things will change boy, either you put aside this nonsense and focus on your training or begone from my house till you come to your senses and decide to join a Company and be a warrior as all your friends have done." yells the old man.

"you have till sunrise to make up your mind boy" snarls the old man.

*sounds of the old man stalking out of the room slamming the door behind him*

*Night slowly passes and the sun kisses the sky*

*the young man is jolted from his pondering as the door crashes open reveling the old man standing in the doorway scowling* "well boy what will it be? War Training or Banishment from this house?" asks the old man.

*Looking at the ripped up pieces of Parchment laying on the floor*

"the young man tells the old man "did ya know it took me 3 weeks to make that Map Father?"

*Sighing* *the young man looks around the room and begins to gather his belonging, grabbing his sack full of Parchment and his QuarterStave that lies next to the door*

"I choose Banishment Father" the young man says.

*A look of Shock pass across the old mans face only to quickly be replace by an angry Glare*

"So be it boy, from this day forth till the day you come to your senses and return to join a Company like a real Altene Warrior should do, you are hereby Banished from my home, name and status. Get out of my house outsider." snarls the old man.

*Chuckling at the Old Man* "Thank You Father, ya don't know how much that pleases me to hear." smiles the young man.

*the Father raises an EyeBrow*

*still smiling at his Father as he walks out of the house and starts heading down the street he says over his shoulder to his Father*

"Still so many places that need Mapping"

Idicus RingStaff wandered for many years before walking into Iridine. But his first taste of Iridine has hardened his heart somewhat to Thieves, Hoods and Mask. Within an hour of being in town Idicus is Mugged, Beaten and Robbed of everything he owns. Since this encounter he has developed a Hatred for Thieves, Hoods and Masks to the point that he openly Hunts them with a passion. Always ready to give directions, aid people new to Iridine Idicus has spent most of his time mapping everything in the City of Iridine as well as several places around the City.

If lost or just wanting to chat a bit to pass the time feel free to stop him and talk awhile.

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