My black flowing cloak ruffled slightly as I stepped into a broad cobblestone street. Gazing about, I am amazed at the prestigously built walls of Iridine. I was amazed to see this highly talked about city. Having just come from a hunting party, I reeked of things long dead. The layer of filth and grime that clung to my body was unimagineably thick from weaks of very poor hygene. I finally made it to this city by shear luck, after days of blindly stumbling along.

I'm known by my acquaintences as Hogar. I'm not a very compassionate or caring man. True to my nature, I'm not very talkative either, but I do enjoy laughing at others mistakes, and I'm even more willing to point them out. Hey, life's crude and so am I. No one said everything should be fair.

As a child, I was abandoned at the age of 8. I grew up in the slums of Gadaene. Everyone around me was poor, but I slowly earned myself some money with a few harmless killings. They were scum and deserved to die any way. But then I strayed from my home. There was nothing left for me there. I decided to try my luck as a woodsman, and lived a solitary life. I killed woodland animals for food, and forgot about civilized life more and more as the days passed. It seemed that at this point my thirst for blood was brought to the max. I was startled and a bit surprised when that hunting party wandered onto my forest doorstep. They were equally surprised by a half clothed man dragging an unrecognizable bloody corpse of an animal.

Through the many months I traveled with this band, I became slightly more civilized. So clutching my club, I stepped forth through the gates of Iridine with a smirk slowly spreading across my face.

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