Hirtius Marcus Aldamir

Son of a former member of the Council of Generals of the Aestivan League. Writer, Poet and Solider. Knowledge of him as a young man is fragmentary. He achieved miltaty distinction in the Aestivan Leagues eastern wars and after action was awarded an oak-leaf crown for saving the life of an officer. For a time he abandoned military life foe politics. He was made Legate of the 9th Aestivan Legion (White Wolves) more for political than military success. He proved himself an able commander. With the 9th stationed in the east there was abundant scope for miltary action. During the war with Iridine of which the 9th did not take part. His wife and child died of plague. At this time a revolt broke out in the east. The first such revolt in the League for many years. The 9th a long with three other legions joined the revolt. After some success the rebels were beaten at the battle of the three rivers. Hirtius escaped and has found his way to Iridine where he waits.

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