Govan Vran

Govan was a Daughter of Altene.

Eldest child and only daughter of Celinia of Gadaene, and Aren of Altene, she grew up in a loving merchant environment.

At the age of six, she accompanied another merchant and family friend into the salt marshes nearby their home. She was bit by a pod beetle. A few weeks later, Govan came down with a fever. The flu like symptoms didn't bother her parents much, as Govan constantly was falling ill with minor sicknesses, but when the child began to act lackluster and vomit up all food and drink, Aren and Celinia became worried.

Their worries were realized when Govan did not wake one day. The fever continued, unabated, and the Vran family had to close shop to care for her. While they were not poor, they could not afford a healer in the nearby hospice. Govan continues to waste away, body being eaten by the vicious fever.

Finally, unable to watch his daughter just waste away and die, Aren went to a local warrior turned mercenary. Jelryk was the leader of a very profitible mercenary band, and he agreed to pay the fees for Govan's healing. Aren was to pay back gradually over three years.

Later that night, the tiny emaciated six year old was taken to the hospice. She spent almost half a year there, being nursed back to health. Her body was damaged by the fever, so it took many months.

Two years passed, and a small war in the northern lands of Altene made Jelryk call his loan in early. Unable to pay it, Aren pleaded with Jelryk. Jelryk was not understanding, and told Aren if he did not pay it within a week, he would have the whole Vran family killed.

While Aren tried to scrounge up enough money, Celinia packed their belongings. Every night she and Aren fought, until he finally gave in and agreed to flee. So, during the night, the Vran family fled Altene. They settled in Remath, hoping they had travelled enough.

Assuming new names, Lint Loreynes, as Govan was now known, began to attend basic healing classes held in the hospice. The now eleven year old girl had grown tall, but the damage done by the fever prevented her from gaining much weight. She looked fragile, even skeletal. She was shy, withdrawn, and went about tending basic wounds for spare change.

She returned home one day, to find her mother, four year old brother, and father dead. Celinia and Jenlar were gutted and lying in their blood on the kitchen floor, and her father was hung by his intestines. Blood pooled under his feet, and on the white pristine walls the word "K'kvoratir" was written.

Pale, stunned, and ill to her stomach, Govan stumbled out and grabbed a nearby constable. Unable to find any of her relatives, Govan eventually was placed in the orphanage. At the age of sixteen, however, she was restless, and left.

She travelled home to Altene, wandering back to where she grew up. She met with the same merchant she went to the marshes with that fateful day. He told her of her family, the things Govan herself barely remembered. Her name, full name, that is, and her parents real names. He told her of the debt, and of her father's actions.

Govan remained in Altene a year, working in the salt shop, and healing on the side. She raised enough to pay Jelryk back. The now rich mercenary didn't pay any attention to Govan when she met with him. Govan told him who she was, and he snapped to, listening with interest. She paid him the money, telling him her father's debt was now paid off.

Jelryk smirked, taking the money. He turned to place it in his safe, and Govan slit his throat from behind. Now the blood debt for her mother, brother, and father was paid. Not waiting for the punishment, Govan fled Altene. She headed to Iridine, as she knew many people moved through the city. She hoped that anyone from Altene wouldn't find lil Lint Loreynes...

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