You walk through the entrance to the gardens. Instantly, the sweet aroma of flowers, the songs of birds, and luscious green of trees and plants overtake your senses. You feel complete euphoria envelope you as your leisurely stride takes you around the path.

Up ahead you see a bench. Sitting on a bench is a you, scrawny man. His hair is bright white, nearly a match for his light blue eyes that peek out from under his bangs. His face forms a wonderfully cheering smile as he looks at you. Just looking at him, you can tell he fits in here. The plants and flowers all seem to be made of the same thing as he is. He seems to be in his environment. Peace and happiness flow through you as you get closer. You cant help but to let loose a childish grin of pleasure.

The man motions for you to sit next to him, and without even considering otherwise, you do. He is as silent as the trees themselves as you both sit and watch the gardens. The gardens are filled with a fog of tranquility that soaks into you.

Finally, he speaks.

"This is my home," he states. "I was born here and have been raised by the gardens themselves. I heal those that need my help, and I pass on happiness wherever I go. Tell them about me. Remember me. In this harsh world called Midlight, there is nothing to trust. Nothing, except me. The gardens birthed me and I am here to spread their peace. Now go, go and be happy."

You walk away, smiling, not paying attention to where you go. And deep inside you know, you will never be the same.

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