The boy was asleep, leaning against a tree.
The sun rose in the distance. The light, shining on the boys eyes, woke him up.
He looked around and, for a moment, couldnt remember where he was. Then, as he
remembered, he sighed.
Taking his sack, he stood up, dusted himself down and began walking.

*One week earlier*

The citizen walked past the man and boy without suspecting anything. When his back was
turned to them, the man whispered to the boy, Go it now...quietly...
Im not doin it! shouted the boy.
The man cringed as the citizen heard the sudden outburst and looked round, but, still not
suspecting anything, carried on walking. The man breathed a sigh of relief and turned to his son.
Just once? the man pleaded.
NO! shouted the boy and ran off.
The man growled and ran after him.

The front door burst open and the boy ran in.
Here we go again... sighed his mother.
Ill never do it! shouted the boy, Thievin is wrong!
The man frowned as he walked in. Its a way of life... he said sternly, ...our way of life.
Its not mine! shouted the boy and ran out onto the street again.
Hes just a child... said the woman, ...why do you have to force him to steal? the man frowned at his wife and said The child must learn someday, he has to stop living in a dream world. All I hear is how hes gonna be the best sword fighter ever...he needs to stop livin in a fantasy world and face up to reality! We need food!
I know we need food... sighed the woman, ...but that doesnt mean a boy of sixteen should have to steal.
Like it or not, hes gonna to have to! shouted the man and sat down.

Out in the street, the boy was still running.
Gadwin! Wait!
The boy looked round. He smiled as he saw the girl and stopped running. He waited for her to catch up then she said, Where are you going so fast?
Gadwin sighed and replied; Anywhere. I understand, sighed the girl, your dad making you steal again?
Gadwin sighed again and nodded. Why does he have to steal? he asked, stealins wrong, why cant he get a good job? Like in a shop or somethin?
I dont know, said the girl, maybe he doesnt know how to do anything else except steal.
Then hed better learn! And fast! shouted Gadwin and started running again.
The girl grinned at and chased after him.

Back at the house, the man emptied the contents of his sack onto the table. His wife sighed at
the small pile of stolen pouches and poor quality amulets.
Would have been more if the damned boy helped out! shouted the man.
Well he doesnt want to, so leave him alone! the woman shouted back.
Not til the day he gets his head out of the damn clouds! the man was getting angrier.
The woman recognised the signs and asked Going drinking tonight?
Of course Im goin drinkin! What else is there to do!? shouted the man and stormed out. The woman sighed and sat down.

In the streets, the girl had caught up with Gadwin and pinned him to a wall.
Man! he exclaimed, How'd ya get so fast?! The girl grinned and said, Ive been training.
Come on, Im hungry, lets go and get something to eat.
No! shouted Gadwin, Im leavin!
The girl shook her head and smiled Again?
This time Im really leavin! shouted Gadwin, and not comin back!
The girl sighed. Why? she asked,
I cant live with him any longer! shouted Gadwin.
Stop shouting at me frowned the girl, I didnt do anything.
Sorry... sighed Gadwin.
As a group of Constables ran past, Gadwin gasped and exclaimed Oh no! My mum!
The girl gasped and they both ran back to his house.

They arrived to see his mother and father being lead away by four tough looking Constables.
Two more were searching his house.
Mum! shouted Gadwin.
His mother looked back at her son and began to cry.
He watched until they were out of sight then darted past the Constables into his house.
He grabbed his gladius, his knife, some food, a torch and his savings, shoved them into his
fathers empty sack, took it, and went back out out.

Without looking back at the girl who was waiting for him outside, he began running....

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