Gabrie Celesta

Gabrie Celesta is a young Altene girl, who moved to Iridine in the hopes of finding great
adventure and wonder. She made the trip with her three best friends: Xeran, Medrinnor, and Rydial. She also came along with her twin sister Precis Mujinbeam; the last name difference
was due to a mistake at birth, when another family claimed Precis as their own by mistake.
Either way, these five friends held out for each other like a family of their own.....

Until tragedy struck.

Once arriving in Iridine, Rydial was framed of a crime, and sent to jail; she was never heard from again. And Precis and Medrinnor, who had decided to return to Altene and visit old friends, were killed in a massive assault by monsters. Gabrie is the only one left; although Xeran is there to back her up, she is torn in her soul about the past. All she can think of is.....

"Someday, Somewhere......will I be all alone???"

Right now, Gabrie is thriving as an Altene warrior; she tries not to worry about the past. Her kindness to others tends to overshadow her true feelings, however. Hopefully, Gabrie will never, ever be alone.....

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