Firai Freeman

I had quite a hard childhood. I was the middle child in the family, so my parents never really watched me. Avril was always up to know good, Chera was always exploring and bringing back amazing things, Amesia played with string and everyone laughed. Me, I just stayed in the trees, reading. One day, Avril went out and got in big trouble. She was arrested and Mom and Dad did not want her to be near the family. Avril had one last appearance at our house. She was talking to me. She didn't like me at all. I always ruined everything for her. Autually, I was the reason she was in jail. She warned me that someday, somewhere... she would kill me. So I left Midlight afraid of Avril. Now... now I am back. I didn't know if Avril still lives amoung the streets of Midlight. Then I found Chera. Chera told me that mom and dad had died while I was away. And Avril was still here. I couldn't leave iridine again, so here I hide. Someday... she will find me. That day I have been dreading.... that day will be the day.... when she kills me.

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