Fira Donagus

Fira Donagus grew up in the town of altene, she grew up to be a extremely strong women and was forced to my darcon donagus. But about a year into the marriage she started to get abused by her husband, so finely she got up the courage an push him down a flight of stair. She didn't think it would kill him but the she saw the the wrapping of paper in his hand and the dagger stuck into his chest. So she quickly ran and get help, when the help came she told them that he fell on the dagger. Once they had cleared her of the charge of murder, they gave the dagger to her which has her initials F.D. in it. Then she decided to leave and head to the beautiful town of Iridine, but on the way she was stopped by and cinneran patrol. That is when she got to learn how to use here dagger. She arrived in town and got a good greeting, but still today she will not marry another person, unless she learns everything about them, before she married again.

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