Fionn Cumhaill

Fionn mac Cumhaill is 20 years of age.

He was born to a working-class farm family on the isle of Windward.  Never good with authority, he came into conflict with his father at an early age. The details are, to say the least, unpleasant.  He tried and tried to earn his father's respect, but failed miserably.  Particularly distressing to old Conor (dad) was that Fionn was never much for farming, and that he dreamed of greatness, of fame and great love.  Da told him again and again to settle for what life offers you.  Fionn could never quite swallow that pill, believing in his heart a man can have whatever he's got the guts to take. 

By age 18, he was disowned and left Windward to seek a new life.  He arrived in Iridine a little too brave and a little too mouthy, but somehow has managed to survive.  Stubborn and headstrong, he has litle tolerance for those who prey on the weak, and has occasionally had a problem with doing the constables' job for them.  His distaste for authority has kept him from joining the Constables or the Legion, despite many suggestions that he should from good friends.  He'd rather be poor than another person's lackey.

He is a fair hand with a gladius, and a good man to have in a tussle.  He's a tremendously loyal friend, willing to lay down his life for those he loves, and hell on his enemies.  He is close to few, but when he is, it's for life. 
He has recently married Livia Marcusinia..

Any questions?  Ask him.  He'll answer.

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