Fearok Wrath

I was born in Iridine City, Iridine ruffly 26 years ago. On my travels I have seen many things, been to many places, and met many people.. Let's see, where to begin.. My father was a soldier in Iridine's Legion, and my mother was a humble house wife with many talents. She tought me how to play the lyre, how to mend my clothing, and other simple tasks. My father tought me the way of the gladius. Through my younger years I trained with a couple young boys though they split off later and became thiefs. With them I learned how to dodge a slashing spear, how to run through the crowds with easy, how to go completely unnoticed in daylight, and other things. While being only seven I was told I was moving to Cinera with my grandfather.. Cinera, the land I hated most, I was...goin to live there.. I sighed and shook my head no but my fathers powerful hand told me that I was. All the way on the wagon I mumbled about Cinners and their no good ways. After living with my Grandfather for 3 years I slowly learned his ways, he was a Trident wielder, and had a very rare collection of them. I often took one of his wooden pitch forks and began training with it. On my thirteenth birthday I woke up not to find a warm home with a nice smelling kitchen, but my Grandfathers corpse. I packed my things in a hurry, suit of green, my cloak with a small wolf emblem, and my trident, and left. I tool a couple pentaks and went to the square to find someone who could just, get me out. There was but one man, headed to Tuchea. I hopped on and off we went. The fellow's name was Dworkin, but most knew him as the mad drunk. On the way I had my fourteenth birthday and received a fine bottle of crazy water and mead mixed together. As we arrived in Tuchea I bid the gentleman good day and went off searching. I found a little creak and with a couple things my mother had tought me, built my self shelter and a training dummy. On my fifteenth birthday I decided to head out once more, this time finding a small family going to Remath. I trained off an on with my gladius but mainly my trident, while working odd jobs around the town making a living. I join a small armed auxilii force by the name of White Wolf. I was in the start of this and was soon transfered to Altene to be a Major over there. After some time I was released on an honorable discharge and decided to make my way back to Iridine. After walking through Black Vine and Monlon people were giving me weird looks for my tan and tone of speach were so different then when I was five. I was a odd to these people and decided to speed my way through the forest. After almost hitting the end of Vet Road I was jumped by a group of bandits and was left there with only my gladius in hand, I woke up next to Phaedro and he told me of my father's death in a battle and my mother's death of greif shortly after, so then I went out, in the great city, to live out my destiny.

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