When Fantus was a child he was very small. Although his original parents had disowned him and left him to die in the grasslands, he was raised by a hermet that lived in the swamps. The hermet took Fantus in and fed him, clothed him, and taught him how to speak altene. When Fantus was 9 the old hermet was out wandering looking for a meal of berries when he was attacked by a bandit. Fantus, hearing the cries of the hermet, rushed out to help. The bandit quickly killed the hermet and kidnapped Fantus. The bandit bound Fantus in ropes and trudged around into the swamps for 3 long years, by then the bandit had made Fantus help kill, and plunder victims. One night after killing a young woman and her child, Fantus turned on the bandit and attacked him for killing an innocent woman (Everyone else had come to fight him and the Bandit). Fantus and the bandit stood for two days and three nights engaging in combat. Then the bandit turned in fled in shear panic, for he was growing very wary and Fantus still had not weakened. Fantus spent many months tracking the bandit down, and grew stronger. Fantus then stumbled across the bandit's camp. While searching the camp Fantus found the body of the bandit with the bandits own dagger plunged into his stomach with a note that read:

You  have  persued  me
too  long.  Let  me  have rest...

Fantus, lost in what to do, wandered within the swamps until finding the city of Iridine.

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