Exit sighs as she stares into her empty mug, and sets it on the bar for Pego. "So, you want to know my story do you? I'm not so sure I want to tell you." You look at Exit and see a short, voluptuous, fair skinned woman with long, straight blond hair, and wonder what can be so bad. Exit smirks at you and says "I'll tell you if you buy me a drink." You count out enough money two ales and hand one to Exit. Exit smiles to you and raises the mug in a sort of toast, then downs the ale in one long gulp. She sighs and leans back in her chair. "I was ten when Ravan first came to me, I was growing up in a small village outside of Altene with my parents and a younger brother. My childhood up to that point had been fairly normal, I was just beginning to train for what I hoped would be a simple life of healing villagers that cut themselves shaving or slicing vegetables." Exit stares at the bar as if remembering a long dead time. "He came to me in my dreams, a dark figure in the shadows, he would show me things that were to happen, my parents were worried about them when I told them of course, but we didn’t know that they would come true but they did and I fear always will. When about a week after I started having the dreams, the first one, in which, I saw one of the neighbors children fall into the pond and drown came true my parents took me to the priest and told him of what was happening." She looks up from the bar, blinks and looks at you. "Within a few hours the priest told all of them, the whole village that I was a cursed child, sent by Ravan to destroy their way of life. I could not leave my house without some Puukar yelling at me or throwing rocks and rotten vegetables. They kept it up for days until my parents decided they had had enough. They loaded all of my belongings and myself into a small chariot and we left. We had traveled for at least a week, perhaps longer when we got to an old shack on the edge of a forest, sitting in a chair outside of the shack was a man in a cloak. My father nodded to the man, unloaded my things, kissed my cheek, and left. Without a word the man moved my stuff into a small bedroom that was to be mine for the next six years and told me to sleep. My life would not be unpleasant if it Weren’t for the dreams during the first two years, but I never saw the man’s face. He knew of the dreams and for a while even tried to help stop them, but when they only got stronger he gave up. All this changed around the time I turned twelve and started to become a woman, he looked at me in a whole new way." Exit grits her teeth and begins to squeeze the mug she is holding. "Not long after that… he took away my childhood" She closes her eyes and her grip on the mug tightens. "He came to me nightly for almost four years before I resisted, he beat me until I was closed to death and walked out. The next morning while he was out getting some food I took a small knife from the kitchen and hid it under my blanket. That night when he came to me I had the knife in my hand, but didn’t let him see it, when he kneeled to kiss me I cut his face from chin to brow along the right side, I took a sack with some supplies and left while he was howling in the corner. That is when I gave in to Ravan and became his slave. It was my sixteenth birthday." The mug she was squeezing shatters, cutting into her hand, she opens her eyes in surprise and looks at the cut. "I ran from town to town, farmhouse to farmhouse, wherever he told me to go, doing what ever he told me to do, wither it was simple theft or prostitution to breaking up marriages and murder. I did anything the dreams told me to, often it was selling my body to some important figure in the community and poisoning his food or slitting his throat in his sleep. This went on for near two year before I was told to go to Iridine and let all of it’s citizens know that Ravan was coming. It was the last thing I ever did for him and I have been hunted by his followers ever sense." Exit smiles at you. "I still have the dreams, one in particular, the one that shows my death at the hands of a bald man wielding a spear, but I do not fear death and will welcome it when it comes." Sinjin walks in and bows to you. Exit smiles and kisses Sinjin passionately. She stands up and curtseys to you. "I’m going to go spend some time with my husband now, take care, and don’t get killed." Exit moves to follow Sinjin. Sinjin waves. Exit waves. Sinjin walks out a door to the south followed by Exit. You take a drink of ale. The ale is very strong. The End.

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