Excalibur was born in Iridine on a dark night. He was raised in a kind and loving family. His parents were well off, his father being a constable and his mother being a basket seller. They earned plenty of money and lived in a set of small apartments that catered to the middle class. Excalibur went to a small school where he became a popular student. He left school at the age of ten to help his mother with her business, his father's being to dangerous for him to help with. Excalibur's family lived comfortably for many years. A few years ago, Excalibur's father retired from the constables when Excalibur was 15. Excalibur was presented with his father's quarterstave when he turned 16 and took great delight in training with it and had his sights set on a career in the constables. Now at age 20, Excalibur still resides in Iridine. He hopes to become a constable just like his father. Excalibur's motto is "Steel, honor, and love in one band of iron."

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