It all began in Altene where Exacuter was born. His father was dead when Exacuter was born and his mother died when she gave him life. Exacuter was taken in by a uncle who was a spearsmen in Iridine. By the age of six Exacuter began to learn the ways of the spear. He trained hard and went to school. During school kids would be afraid to pick on him because they were afraid that Exacuter would live up to his name. Some kids would call him a loner because he would always do things alone. One day when Exacuter got home from practicing his spear skill he found his uncle dead on the floor, beaten to a bloody pulp. The constables of Iridine had thought that a thief broke in and had killed Exacuters' uncle. From the ages of ten through sixteen , Exacuter lived alone in his uncles house training and training, waiting for the day he will leave the house he grew up in. When that day came he grabbed his stuff and started to adventure into the dumps and sewers of Iridine. He really didn't know what he was doing but managed to stay alive. At the age of 17 Exacuter had made a couple of friends in Iridine. Exacuter and his friends then agreed to go to the alleys of Iridine were brutes and thugs usually roam around, then the unthinkable happened... brutes killed both of Exacuters' friends and left Exacuter a bloody mess. At the age of 18 Exacuter was wise enough to learn that life goes on with out friends. Then the unthinkable happened once more when Exacuters' life nearly came to an end in the same alleys his friends were killed in. Exacuter somehow was saved and brought back to the living wiser than ever. Exacuters bio continues and may never finish if he continues to live in the land of Iridine.

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