Ethren Mikel

Ethren had lived in Iridine since as long as he can remember.His family was of little wealth but had always struggled to live comfortably no matter where they were. His mother was a tailor who was favored by a senator who had admired her works,while his father who was a skilled man but resented his wife's success.This resentment made him bitter to any employer that would take him in and he found it hard to hold a steady job.

Ethren's mother was visiting the senator more and more often.Not only did she bring back what she was paid for the clothing but extravagant gifts from the senators vast wealth.His father,Aldaulth, became suspicious of his wife and demanded to know for what reason she had accepted such gifts, she gave no answer. After that a heated argument broke out and Aldauth left the house with the slam of the door.

The next night the alarm bells sounded and there was a great commotion all about the area. "The Senator has been murdered!" the courier cried as he ran past. Ethren watched ,confused as to what was happening, as his father appeared from the crowd-running down the street towards his own home. Aldaulth had barely reached the door when a spear seared his neck. He lay there lifeless on the threshold of his home as the pursuers identified him. The officer of the group ordered the house and its occupants to be burned immediately. Ethren was the only one who made it out of the house and into the alleys. All he knew was gone. Ethren was soon brought to the local orphanage after being caught by a constable stealing food from an open stand. He was taken care of meagerly and had to struggle for everything he wanted. He decided to leave when he was 16 and had been roaming the outskirts of the harsh city until he felt he was ready to return at the age of 19...

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