Elrina Drieson

Born in the village of Taseth which is part of the Safelands north of the Torean River, Elrina Drieson is the daughter of a woodsman and a healer.Her sister Sorcha studied herbalism with their grandparents, while she studied with her father mostly though she did learn a few healing skills from her mother.

She was married breifly to Cantoneus Istibean from the village of Istbe. He was a cruel man and treated her badly. After a few months he was killed by a Cineran while hunting in the region. She took back her family name, relieved to be free from the burden of her marriage, but she has no love of the Cinerans, either. Being much more independant than her people, she made the long dangerous trip to Iridine to begin a new life strengthening her skills.

Elrina prides herself on making the best torches in the City. She is a good outdoorswoman and works hard on her craft. She is always happy to bandage the wound of any one who needs it,and generally is willing to help out her friends.

Shortly after arriving in the city, Elrina was swept off her feet by Riticus Lorica and the couple have plans to marry. If you want to know how much she loves him, just ask her, she is more than happy to tell you about their love.

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