Elrik Do'Urden

Elrik sits down on a comfortable padded chair in the Stone Toga Inn across the Table from you. He nods at you, then orders a tall glass of wine from Constantine. As he sips quietly on his wine; he notices your look of interest on him.

Elrik looks up at you and says, 'Anything I can do fer you friend?'

'Not too much,'you reply, 'But I have not seen you much, might I be able to learn a bit on yer life. You look like an interesting person.'

Elrik looks at his wine, pondering.

'So ye want tae learn about meh life, eh?'he starts, 'Well where tae begin... guesse I'll start about meh child'ood. I was born in the fair City of Iridine, of a respectful and proud family. I got a couple 'o brothers; both older than meh; so I'm the youngest..Who are the you ask? Well there's the Oldest, Gorgontis, an ambitous stavesman, but unfortunately he was killed by some accursed swamp bandits not to long ago.' Elrik gazes blankly at his wine..

He continues 'There was meh other brother, second in the family, Valtorn. He was always a bit 'o a twit, a little uncontrolable, but he is my brother; so i guesse I gotta like 'im..'

'Well anyways..when I was born, my mother died from my birth; and although I didnt know her; i truly respect her sacrifice fer my life, and I know whe's at Ereal's side; giuding meh in what i do.Her name ye ask? T'was Tzigone, she was Altene. My Father, on the other-hand; was a pure-blood Iridian; and proud 'o it; guesse I got that trait from him...'

'His name was Zaknafein. He was an expert swordsman, adn a loving father. For some reason; I seemed to be his favorite child; I worked with him the best.. He was a full legio soldier in service of the Republic. He could have made it to a commanding officer; or more..but he loved the battlefield too much to leave it. I guesse I got that trait from him too; I love to fight..'

'One day; he decided to start training me in the art of the Gladius. I watched him in amazement at his intrecate swords-play; he was one of the Elite in Iridine. One day though, he was out on a common patrol route with 2 officers at his side; when they came face with a group of Cineran Footmen and soldiers. Leading the group of dogs, was Brith, also referred to as 'the butcher'; for his repution of corpse-mutilation.'

'There were 3 Soldiers with Brith; eating around a camp-fire, and speaking to wach other. My father and the 2 officers silently crept aounr the group and ambushed. As they were batteling; the two officers and the 3 Footmen were all slain..but Brith escaped. my Father chased after him for some time, into the Oak Forest. He slowed his pace a little; aware of the axe-woelding brigands.. Brith had ambushed him; and after some struggle; My father was killed. Some days later; some woodsmen found his corpse; mutilated, with a simple kitchen Cleaver protruding from his decapitated head. I now vow to bring Brith The Butcher to the Legios of Iridine, and see his punishement enacted with no remorse for his pathetic soul.'

'Well now...continuing on with my life. I was 10 when my father was slain; so my training in the gladius was haltered. I was then raised by my eldest brother, Gorgontis, for the next 9 years of my life. He and Valtorn had kept my mother's Altene heritage; Gorgontis trained extensively with the stave, and well Valtorn, as well as learning the stave, put his quick hands to use, in not so lawful ways. But I kept my Iridinian tradition in full; and I trained with my Gladius, as I still do.'

'After my Brother Gorgontis died, I would go hunt on my own, and I lived on my own. I dont keep to much contact with Valtorn, except when needed. Anyway, on night, I was walking to the Toga for a quick drink and to meet some friends. As I passed the front yard of the Toga, something caught my eye in the gardens beside me. When I went to investigate, I saw a man in a Black Linen Hooded cloak, counting his day's loot. When he saw me come; he ambushed me and took most of my clothing and Items, and left me for dead.'

'Lucky for me, Phaedro was walking in the gardens, and saw me lying there; barely alive. He Brought me back to the Yard of the Inn, and got a healer to tend to me. A passing Auxilli was generous enough to give me a Tin Gladius, some clothing and minor supplies. And well...that's my story, for now.'

Elrik Finishes up his wine, waves, and wielding his Gladius, goes out of the Tavern.

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