The torrential rain splattered across the vast green plains, reducing visibility to hazy sheet of translucent white. Possessing nothing but the clothes on him and a rather oversized sac, a scruffy young man trudged wearily across the enormous green sea.

At last, panting profusely and shivering (like in the electric chair) he arrives.

Before him looms the first signs of civilization, minute squat buildings protruding from the obscured horizon to the Far West. Smiling bitterly, he continues his long ardous journey.....

(Currently, he is lost in his own thoughts. Oblivious of us eavesdroppers. Let's tune in to his thoughts.)

"Hack...cough..hack....Arrghhemm (spits a rather gruesome looking concoction of salivae asquerosa and phlegm malignae). 'Shiver me Timber'.....It's bloody cold. Phew, just a couupppllle more miles to go!! You can make it......Just a matter of concentration. "

After and interminent time of plodding through soddy grass....

"Now, how the heck did I get in this situation????" Elis thought to himself.

He bitterly thought of his past, his childhood that he could remember and that which had been told by his father.

He had been an only child, a bastard son, the beget of a merchant prince to a respected young women by the name of Elliana, his mother. Elliana was the beauty of the village. Her skin was tanned and smooth like silk. Meanwhile, the merchant prince was Iridine by citizen-ship. He was a pale man with dark brown eyes. Scorned by even her closest friend, his mother ran away. Lost in the woods, she almost lost sanity. As she lay unconcious in a burning fever on a bed of late-autumn fallen leaves one day, a woodsman found her. This woodsman sheltered her through the bitter cold winter nights. Rarg Chessog the woodsman, laboured through the winter day and night chopping and piling wood, so as to keep a fire burning. Soon, he found that she was with a child. As winter regressed into springtime, she gave birth.

It was the 31st of the first month (In distant lands refered to as January). Freed from her burden Elliana lay asleep on her deathbed, for labour had sapped her strength. She ceased to breath and peacefully left the living world.

From there his life took a twisted turn. He grew in the seclusion of a small cottage in the dense green woods that perpetuated Gadaene. Rarg with no apparent knowledge of child-rearing, did his futile best. Living with the hardships of seclusion, Elis grew up a quiet boy, with little friends. Growing bold by himself Elis hazarded walks in the forest by the age of 8. He had little love from his foster father due to the demanding job of a forester. This lack of love made him irrational at times and over-confident. At the age of 12 his father took him as an apprentice. He learned basic outdoor survival skills. His mentors ruthlessness as teacher made Elis a quick learner. Soon by the age of 13 he had mastered the basics of outdoors.

Awakened by a loud crash in the forest, Elis ran only to find his foster father crushed by a large pine. On Rarg's last hours of life, he told Elis of his origin. Rarg's last breath was "Iridine my son, find him there. GASP....." Crying bitterly Elis left his deceased father. From the desolate wood cottage, he packed a few essentials and departed his homeland never to return.

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