Ebon BlackOre

The BlackOre Clan within the Blackroot mountains is one of the many clans charged with a solemn duty.  Its duty is to serve the Parcine lands, and to defend its holdings.  All bearing the name BlackOre have been warriors stout of heart and body.  For generations those within Clan BlackOre have stood beside the other various clans within the mountains they call home, and defended their lands from those seeking to tear it from them. 

Ebon BlackOre is the latest warrior to come from the Clan.  It is practice in his clan that you cannot become a Seteal (Roughly translated a Defender), until you have went upon a Jestyn.  A Jestyn is journey that through it you test your inner mettle.  Most young Parcines from the clan embark on this trip around their eighteenth year.  Ebon, always one up for an adventure, started his on his fourteenth year.  For one year he wandered the plains that had belonged to his forefathers before they were claimed by the legions of Iridine.  He liked the plains, but felt he had more of a journey ahead of him.  As he travelled he encountered, a group of merchants.  The leader of the group, a man named Glaycin, asked Ebon if he would like to travel with them and help guard the wagons from the bandits that sometimes ventured from the forest.  Ebon, no stranger to battle, agreed with a hearty laugh and a contagious grin.

The group and their wagons arrived without incident to ply their wares within Iridine.  Ebon continued to work with the merchants for as long as they were in Iridine, but on the evening Glaycin, and his companions left Ebon stayed on in Iridne.  He'd heard of this city in his travels and decided he like to see if it was all he had heard.  Unfortuneately, in one regard it was.  After only a weeks time a thief stole all the money he had earned from Glaycin.  Ebon dealt with this problem the only way he had been taught.  After a fortnight of questions, sneers, and laughter he tracked the thief to a Inn.  He saw the man talk with another man with a hooded cloak, they exchanged something and the thief headed out to the street.  Ebon was waiting for him.  The thief turned to tell him to move aside when a flash of recognition sparked, and he turned to go back inside.  Ebon aimed his club true, and knocked the thief unconious.  Searching through the mans pouches, he found nothing but a single denar, and a knife.  He started to take the knife, but this was no way for a Seteal to act.  Instead he hoisted him onto his shoulders and carted him away to the Constables Headquarters.

He soon found a job doing menial labor around the city, mostly repairing what had been damaged in the last battle with the Cinerians.  He likes a good battle, or a thrilling tale, and in the whats now been a year since he came to Iridine he's been in his share of both.

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