Dyre Black

Dyre Black was born in the 216th Year of the Republic in Altene to a young mother and an older man. Her mother, striving to be the best she could be with what little their family had, shunned Dyre's father from her life, believing him to be a bad influence. However, for the sake of a love for Dyre's father which would never leave her, Dyre's mother named her Dyre Black. The name Dyre reminded her of the flowers she left on her dead brothers' graves--outcasts as they were among their Altene people, they had died fighting for the Republic, where they had come to find a better life from Altene. The name Black, however, was Dyre's father's, and so even as he was gone from her life, his name was always with her.

Dyre's mother, Lucia, struggled to keep their small family of two alive. On Dyre's 15th birthday, they had naught but hard black bread and a bit of milk for the two of them. Lucia threw herself into the river that night.

15 and with nowhere to go in the unforgiving atmosphere of Altene, Dyre searched desperately for the one thing she thought she might have left: her father. After 6 months of searching, she found him. He welcomed her into his life and taught her the ways of the stave and the knife. However, her father was getting on in his years, and exactly one year after Lucia's death, Toran sat down his daughter for a talk.

'Dyre, I am getting old. Who knows how much longer I will be able to take care of you? Who knows how much longer I shall live? Here in Altene, we risk the grave dangers of death any day. I stayed here too long...I cannot get out now. Trust me, daughter, and leave this wretched place before you no longer can. Go to Iridine. Leave...you do not want to grow up here.'

Dyre had grown to love and trust her father, and she knew he was right. There was no place for her to lead a good life in Altene. She packed a large sack with the things her father gave her--some food, a torch, a knife, and most importantly--her most cherished possession, a finely polished fighting dirk. Her father had given it to her on the day they had first met, telling her, 'It is a dirk that fits only Dyre Black.'

After many months and a hard road travelled, Dyre arrived in Iridine. Upon her collapse in the front yard of the Stone Toga Inn, she realized immediately that this was the place she wanted to spend her life. Why? She is not sure. But looking around her, she just knew...it was perfect.

Dyre never heard from her father again, but she believes he is watching over her, in her heart and in her soul, keeping her safe. She hopes so.

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