I am Duranth DuVeoux. I was originally a bard in Altene. I left there and started my great pilgrimage to fair Iridine. Along the way I would stop in every little town I saw. I told stories of grand mages, battling demons in the sky. Stories of monsters being slain by the commonfolk of Iridine and how grand the city was. I would give poems to the beauty of women and girls, wooing them from their perches and husbands. When I got to Iridine, I began my true task.. As I walked into the city, a man stepped out of the ally.. He spoke in a grizzled tone.. 'You there.. Boy... come 'ere.. Us Iridinians have to give our greetings to newcomers.'
I walked over to the mysterious hooded man.. he suddenly reached into his cloak..
As I stood there in awe, he pulled a wicked blade from his coat. He cut me up a bit, then took my belongings, leaving me laying naked....... broken in the street..
The true Iridinians were much kinder.. they clothed me, armed me, and welcomed me. In return, I stood at the toga for hours, telling stories and sonnets... They clapped and gave me food and drink.. I love this place now... I can speak and they will listen.... So I say once more... Good day.... fair Iridine.......

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