Drunser ---

Drunser was born on the 8th day of Palut, 193 YP. Born to a mother of negotiable virtue, and a father who made his living breaking bones in the alleys (the brute), Drunser had it rough during his childhood. His parents shunned him for his elder brother, and his friends shunned him because he refused to play their foolish and inane games. Instead, he spent his time studying mechanical contraptions of all kinds. It was only natural that fate would lead him one day, in his 14th year, to the Riverside Lockshop. Apula welcomed him warmly, and for the first time, he had a family. Then-proprietor Iornos, Apula's father, gave him bread, shelter, and a warm fire. Therefore, Drunser was studying his locks when the Great Fire of 211 swept through the alleys of Iridine, decimating the populations of both the rats and the poor people. It was only his good luck that while he studied his locks in Riverside Locks, his family burned to a toasty crisp most often associated with the grayish ashes from a woodsman's fire. After this, Drunser pretty much disassociated himself from his former lifestyle. Except for the odd habit, such as drinking posca or cursing gutterally, he's pretty much done that.

Another important thing about Drunser is his speech. His abusive father often liked to slap him around, especially in the face area. This permanently damaged his mouth and jaw, making him non-understandable entirely. When Iornos took him in, he also took him to a traveling leech who performed some surgery on him. The gravel which he inserted into Drunser's mouth made him speak perfectly in Iridinian. Alas, that same gravel made him sound awful in Common speech. Drunser can remove the gravel for short periods of time, but if left out to long the jaw begins to ache.

Recently, Drunser has formed the Guild of Locksmiths, Iridine's largest and most productive locksmith guild ever in existence.  Despite a slow start and humble beginnings, this Guild shows the promise to be a great force in Iridine in years to come.

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