Drought Flood

I started life in a happy village, I was the only child of my family. When I was 7 I learned from parents that they give me this name as a joke. After a few years the villages peace broke and founded some guild. Good guilds and bad guilds started to fight between each other. They killed my father and mother, then I had to live with my father's friend.But when I learned that the bad guild would kill me, I escaped from the village, to the forests and rivers.I made a shack in the forest. And lived alone,I hunted to survive and also I realized that I need a weapon to survive. I made a stave for myself there and got skilled with. When I was 19 I saw that I can't live anymore away from people, and I started to voyage to find a city.And I got to Iridine,took an shack,started mylife again. I lived a few years and learned lot. I got skilled in my weapon. I tried to teach everyone what I know, I helped people and saved some people from death. I still practice and help people whatever I can.

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