Drekk and Drykk

Drekk and Drykk were born to a Blackvine merchant and his beautiful weaver wife. Their mother died shortly after the twins were born, and their father was left to care for them. 8 years passed.

One day as the boys were walking to their favorite playing spot, some Cineran warriors attacked their father's estate. The boys arrived home to find their house burning, and their father and all of his servants dead. They wept.

Suddenly, a Cineran came out of their house. He had been looting it. He saw the boys and chased them. Drykk found a long stick and fought off the Cinerans, giving Drekk time to escape.

When Drekk returned from his hiding place in the woods, Drykk was gone. He had been captured. He wandered around Blackvine for a time, until finally a locksmith and his wife took pity on him and adopted him. Drekk learned the ways of the locksmith, and when he turned 18 he set off for the great city of Iridine.

Meanwhile, the Cinerans took Drykk with them and sold him at a market to an Altene mercenary. Drykk became this man's servant, but he was also trained in the Altene ways. When the time came, Drykk stole a gladius and provisions, and set off for the city of Iridine.

Finally Drekk and Drykk met on a wide city street. Drekk showed Drykk around the city, and they are both beginning to fit in. Drykk hopes to enhance his combat skills and avenge his father's murder, while Drekk's goal is to become one of the best locksmiths in Iridine.

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