Dragge Almerca

Dragge grew up in a poor house in Altene.  His father was killed while serving in the Alteanian Legions.  Dragge's mother died during the birth of Dragge's little brother.  Dragge kept himself and his brother alive by hunting stray animals and taking bounty missions for the "lords" of town.  When Dragge's brother was 13 years old.  He went on his first bounty mission. Dragge's brother was killed in the process.  He had tried to take on a band of theives and failed.  Dragge found him lying in the middle of the street unclothed and dead.

From then on Dragge swore to avenge the death of his brother.  He followed the band of theives all the way to Iridine.  When he got there, he was met up by twice as many theives.  Dragge succeded in killing the band that had killed his brother, but had to retreat before the others killed him.  Dragge met Brett, Cinerio, and other members of a group called the Mystical Knights of Bettendorf.  Dragge joined this group of do-gooders.  Dragge also met Lady Locanda of the Iridine Constables.  Dragge was inspired by Locanda and inquired about becoming a constable. Dragge is still waiting to become a constable and is still a member of The MKBs. 

He is single and at the age of Twenty is very fit.  Much of Dragge's past though has been forgotten by him.  It is believed that Dragge's memories of his childhood were blocked out by his sub-consciousnous.  Dragge is an inspiring warrior and always loves to go hunt for the stray animals as he did when he was a child.

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