Detritus Zorlath

Detritus was born in a small province of Altene. As with all of the other Altene boys, he learned and lived by the fangstave. But unlike the others, Detritus had a small nack with mechanics. So, one day he wandered into a nearly out of business locksmith shop. The locksmith agreed to let Detritus apprentice under him, but warned him that his business was not a very good one and the job would be steady.

As a new locksmith apprentice, Detritus learned the basics of picking locks and how they worked. But, as his boss had forewarned, the day came that the shop went too far in debt and was closed. So Detritus considered this as a simple learning experience in life and moved on.

One day while haning out in a local pub, a massive man clad with armor like a tank wandered in, sat next to him, and ordered a beer. After a while, the two began to converse as often happens in pubs. Maximus told Detritus tales of a huge city on a different continent called Iridine.

Maximus and Detritus became casual friends, meeting in the pub. Maximus always did the talking, Detritus just sit back and listened contently. Maximus had moved to Altene to "start over" after being a constable recruit and all around popular guy in the big Iridinian world. But now Maximus had fallen in love with Altene. Not to mention the Altene women, as pushy as they are.

Detritus on the other hand, became very interested in this foreign land called Iridine. One day, while taking a walk down by the shore, he spied a small ship loaded with cargo approaching the shore. Detritus sat upon a rock and peacefully watched it land. Suddenly, a fierce beast rushed on board the ship and began attacking the captain, biting and slashing him to near death!

Fangstave in hand, Detritus jumped on board and bashed the beast square on the head, knocking it out cold. The captain was grateful to Detritus and offered to take him anywhere in the world he wanted to go. Detritus, being bored with Altene and still interested in Iridine, of course took the offer.

Upon landing in Iridine, Detritus first found a local locksmith called Apula. She offered him a few odd jobs now and again, just enough to get him on his feet. He got his hands on a local weapon similar to his fangstave called a quarterstave. He decided he liked this weapon nearly as much as his fangstave and now carries one of each everywhere he goes.

Detritus now spends much of his time wandering the city, hunting, or helping Apula. He is considered a nice man, maybe slow at times, but nice.

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