The middle child in a family of three Ofdeath youth, Defiance lived a typical Iridinian childhood. She was a curious child, always questioning the inner workings of her world.
Her older sister died when Defiance was four, causing her mother endless grief, and Defiance was usually ignored because of it. Feeling pity for his remaining daugher, Defiance's father took the girl on as a student, teaching her from his small library of texts and his own knowledge. She turned out to be a willing and able student, and cherished the time with her patriarch and mentor.
When she was old enough, her father took her with him on healing calls. She learned the trade from him and loved to watch her father work. She was sometimes allowed to help him by bandaging his patients as he stitched or set broken bones. The patients often praised her and her father, saying that she'd inherited his charisma and patience.
For her fifteenth birthday, Defiance was given her father's prized lexicon. She'd admired the book and had studied it more than the others during the course of her studies. Her father noticed that healing seemed almost lost on his daughter, as she was constantly scribing his sayings and creeating her own. Her mentor also saw that the girl enjoyed creating works of poetry and stories that paralleled some of those he'd told her and she'd read in his texts. He prided that she took her own path, and greatly enjoyed her stories. He encouraged her entry in contests and storytelling sessions. Her mother disapproved of Defiance's choices, claiming that was 'un-lady-like' and wasn't 'contributing to her future.' Defiance ignored this, having been disregarded for the better part of her short life, and persisted in her quest.
Just after the girl's sixteenth birthday, the Ofdeath patriarch took ill and passed away. Unwilling to follow her mother's rules, Defiance took a few possessions, including the prized lexicon, and headed out of Iridine for lands unknown.
Defiance did her best, finding patrician acquaintances of her father's to tell stories and sing songs to. She healed those who needed it, and made what little she could to sustain herself. Eventually the work became scarce as she ventured further from the capitol. Selling the lexicon to a scholar, she made her way back toward the city of her birth to see what she could make of herself. By the time she got back to the city, her seventeenth birthday had passed two weeks hence.
Defiance got off to a rocky start back in Iridine, but she got herself together. After an argument with a past romance, she converted to pacifism and devoted her time to writing. She recently took a job with the Iridine Press, and concentrates on her job and healing when she can. She also tries to devote time to her friends and family.

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