Dawnara Angelle

Dawnara Erin Angelle was born to Mordecai and Charity Angelle in a comfortable area in the Republic. Her mother died shortly after childbirth, leaving Dawnara with nobody but her father. Her mother only held her once, and as she did, the light of the morning spilled over them both. Charity asked with her last breath that her daughter be named after the dawn, to always remind her little daughter of the only day that she would meet her mother. Dawnara grew up in the middle-class life -- far above those who lived in the street, but not a patrician by any means. Her father sorely missed her mother, and tried his best to foster all her beliefs into Dawnara. She showed an aptitude for healing, just as her mother had, and her father encouraged her to learn as much as she could. When her training in basic healing was complete, Dawnara knew it was time to leave home and forge a life for herself. She started into the heart of the city, and before long she found herself applying to become an acolyte of the Temple of Ereal. She was accepted, and now starts another chapter in her life serving Ereal in hopes that his grace will strengthen her and make her as pure as her name, full of hope without rainy regret or daisy distress.

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