Alright, im not all that great at tellin stories, especially ones i dont know much about. Now first off, let me tell you, the reason I came to Irdine aint a happy one and this story isnt exactly a happy story. First off, if i had my way I'd be back in Altene. I had a nice life there, in a relativly wealthy family. I had both parents, and i also had a brother about 3 years older then me. my dad was awesome with a fangstave, and he once won a community fighting competion once. My mom was no warrior, but she could cook up a storm. She also taught my brother, Dratni, how to stitch people and a whole bunch of other stuff about healing. And back then, i was no good at nothin. I wasnt good with my quarterstave, and i usually just made more blood when i tried to fix people. I was even shy around girls! but the one thing I was good at was knowledge. My mom acted as a teacher around the community, and being her son I usually got extra help.

Then It Happened. We were all sitting down to a nice dinner of some smoked salmon when we heard a loud crash as a window broke. Seconds later, a whole bunch of guys in gold and black masks ran in wielding weapons. Not sure how to respond, my family scattared from the table. I remember me and Dratni running out back and hiding among the bushes by our garden. Then the inevitable happened. The black men found my mom hiding in the kitchen. All in one horrorfying minute i saw my mom beaten to death right in front of my eyes. and i was too chicken to help. I remember clearly how i just ran from the yard, never looking back. I could faintly hear the heavy breathing of people behind me, trying to catch me. Trying to kill me. it didnt matter anymore though. nothing did. I just kept running and running and i could no longer hear them behind me. But i kept running, never stopping, never looking back. eventually i found my way to irdine, by pure luck. i lived on the street, surviving on the things i had until i was just down to my breeches.

It was then that i started stealing. I had never stolen before, but i picked it up quickly and survived on other peoples belongings. i began to become familiar with irdine, since i ran through it's streets so often. I'd even go down to the sewers and sell a rats parts to a carcass dealer. I basically lived the life of your average thief, barely surviving and alone. Then one day a fellow named Aestro turned me around. He tied me up, brought me to his room and basically yelled at me. he said that I should become a warrior, that a thief had no future. And he convinced me. I used every spare sen to get some armor and started my carier as a warrior, hunting for money. and that brings me to where i am now...living a happy life with friends, im part of the Blackvine militia and i can even hit the practice dummy with my stave now

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