Cyanicus Ulyssia

Born in the southern part of Iridine, Cyanicus lived as part of a trader family in The Eternal City. He learned the trades while he was young and even some literature. When he was young, his parents intended for Cyanicus to become a scribe and a merchant. He was the youngest of two sons and one daughter, now deceased. Cyanicus never realized his career of a writer and poet, instead he lived through the worst of the Cineran occupation of Iridine, taking odd jobs to help feed the starving family and to help end the occupation.

His family was killed by Cinerans on several separate occasions. His father, Pleio Ulyssia and Ulita Ulyssia were killed by Cineran soldiers in a short lived rebellion. Janeus Ulyssia, the middle sister died during Calsuan's rebellion, finally, Irea Synea died from beheading as a result of being accused of treason.

The death of Janeus was one of the more sorrowful stories. Two years before Calsuan's death, during the rebellion, the younger Cyanicus then 15, Janeus, 19, Auril, and Kelid attacked a Cineran soldier on the street after Calsuan declared a state of open rebellion. Janeus led a Cineran soldier to the alleys and then Auril and Kelid surrounded him. However, when Cyanicus was supposed to jump from the roofs and stab the Cineran in the skull with the tip of a stolen gladius, he hesitated for several seconds. As a result, the soldier managed to get a hit on Janeus, a disemboweling thrust into her chest. Auril left the battle with a slashed arm while Kelid was mortally wounded. On that day, Cyanicus lost two people, a cherished friend and a sister. After that day, Auril ran away from Iridine, having been warranted for murder and treason. Cyanicus lived near the sandbar, hiding his face from the authorities.

After slightly more than a year, Cyanicus came from the shadows, after the Cinerans fled away. He was reluctant to make friends, afraid that they would die at his hands, like the death of his sister. He is a loyal and trusted friend and defends the honor of Iridine and his friends in whatever way he can, preferably by his words, then the trusty edge of his gladius.

Nowadays, he is a wandering healer in search of people to help, talk up a storm, to obnoxiously scold wrongdoers all while sipping a cup of nice hot tea, and punish evil beings with a few high pitched toots from his trusty flute. You can usually find him infront of the Stone Toga (New shrine of Ereal). He now strives to become a priest of the sect of the Revealing light.

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