Corvus Pius

Corvus Pius grew up in a close, happy family in the small timber town of Argosius, halfway between Monlon and the City of Iridine. His father was the town’s healer, his mother was a member of the local constabulary, and his younger brother Valerius was his constant companion. Early in life Corvus began assisting his father in his healing practice. He followed him around town, getting to know the ebb and flow of the small town and its citizens. Though at first horrified by some of the injuries and illnesses he saw at his father’s side, Corvus listened attentively to his father’s clinical descriptions of the various ailments, and gradually began to be able to understand and assist his father more and more. Eventually, his father began allowing him to diagnose and treat some of the simpler and more common cases.

As in many towns that make their livelihood off of timber, many of the injuries were from accidents in the lumber camps around town. Sadly, almost as many were from the ravages of a lifestyle that attracts hard-working and hard-playing men: injuries from tavern fights, domestic violence, alcoholism, and the like. Though sometimes repelled by what he saw, Corvus learned to respect the many citizens of Argosius who were working hard to make a decent life for themselves and their families. As he grew older, he began to take over more and more of his father’s healing duties around town, leaving mostly the most complex cases for his father’s greater expertise.

As he grew older, Corvus saw clearly that the town of Argosius was slowly dying. The great forests that had surrounded the town for centuries had been felled with a careless rapaciousness, and the timber operations had been unwise, failing to re-plant what they harvested. As a result, quality timber was becoming increasing scarce, foresters had to range further and further from town to find trees worth cutting, and transportation costs were beginning to seriously offset any potential profits. Businesses and people began leaving Argosius, first as a trickle, later a flood. The timber operations and foresters began to move to other, less over-cut locations, and soon the citizens who depended on the timber income to sustain their local businesses began to follow them or move to the larger cities where they could make a better living.

Corvus’ parents were growing older, and had lived their entire lives in Argosius. They did not want to leave, and they felt a strong obligation to stay and serve the community as they always had. But because they wanted the best for their children, Corvus’ parents urged him to move, to find a place where he could employ his healing talents to greater benefit. After much discussion and contemplation, Corvus and his brother Valerius packed up their belongings and prepared to join the exodus leaving Argosius. As a final gift, their parents presented them with two tickets on a passenger boat bound for the capital. With a great deal of sadness, but also a growing measure of anticipation, Corvus and Valerius bid their dear parents farewell, and set off to make their fame and fortune in Iridine, The Eternal City.

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