The Tale of Chrall

You look around and see a dilapitated stone road. Chrall sits some distance ahead of you. He's holding a quarterstave in his right hand and a damaged crimson rat stomach in his left. He curses and quickly discards the stomach so as to not clutter up the area. While waiting for the next rat to come, you talk about your life stories. Chrall sighs, and begins to speak. "Well now... I was born and raised right around here, somewhere... I used to come and play in the dumps when I was young with me dog, Orange. We had all sorts of fun, playin' in and around these massive iron beams... At home, life was just great... I had a mother, a father, and three brothers, all older than me... Bein' the youngest, I guess I really only had Orange ta keep me company... But one day, while we were out here in the dumps, a whole bloody horde of hounds came boundin' over the walls. We were sourrounded!" Chrall curses. "I tried ta scare 'em off, by throwin' rocks and such, but they just kept commin'. All of a sudden, Orange lept forward, and with a great howl, he took the hounds on. He managed to take out two, or maybe three, before they overwhelmed him... If it wasn't for a gem hunter walkin' in, I'm pretty sure they'da got me too... That was when I was 10. By the time I turned 16, all my brothers had left home lookin' for fame and fortune... I think one got a job with the Carcass Buyer, but I'm not sure... Well... I left home shortly thereafter... My wanderin's took me to Altene, I'm not sure why, but I seemed ta be headed there the whole time... Believe it or not, I didn't learn a single word of Altene the whole bloody time I was there, which was close to 10 years... But I got on just fine. I met an old trainer that was lookin' for a student, and I was lookin' for a place to stay. We were a perfect match... I never learnt his name, though... Was never sure if he was cursin' at me, or tryin' to introduce himself..." Chrall chuckles. "Anyway, I stayed there for 'bout 10 years... well, maybe 9, but who's countin'? Livin' there gave me two things. A fair ability with me stave, and a strong desire to curse at anythin' and everythin'..." Chrall grins. "Well now... Where was I? Oh yeah... One day, my trainer decided that I had had enough. He sent me off with nothing but the tunic on my back, the breeches on my legs, and my stave in my hand. The adventures on the way home were too great and numerous, so I'll not bore you with the details... But one day, I found myself backin Iridine. I went home, but found no one... A letter had been posted on the door, tellin' me to go to the bank... So I went... When I arrived, the clerk handed me 20 denars and a peice of parchment... Apparently my parents had passed away, but some plague a few months back, and all my brothers were servin' in the military, or couldn't be found. In some sort of trance, I think I wandered around for a while, 'cause the next thing I knew, I was near an inn, with some guy named Phaedro... I ripped up the parchment, refusin' to believe it, and burnt it on a nearby torch. Wantin' ta get rid of everythin' that reminded my of my parents, I quickly gave a way my inheritance to some guy, who's name I don't remember, and bought me a pair of red leather sandals..." Chrall pats a pair of red leather sandals with bronze buckles. "And that's where I am today... I spend most of my time out here in the dumps, takin' my revenge on the hounds, and learnin' how ta defend myself better, so maybe one day I can protect someone else's Orange..." Chrall sighs. A hound bounds over the walls and you both stand up to take care of it. Chrall curses at the hound, before fracturing its right thigh with his quarterstave.

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