Chasm Brightwind

Chasm was born in Altene. She was born into a rich family of warriors, all with high prestige. The Brightwind family was renowed throughout Altene's cities for it's patriarch, Darius Josephus, a former General. Chasm grew up sheltered behind the guarded gates of her family villa. Around the age of ten, Chasm began to take an interest in weapons and warfare. She would spend long hours in the family library reading manuscripts about warfare. She would watch her father train with his assitants and her brother attack the practice dummy in the training hall. Her mother dissaproved of this life and began to train her as a proper young lady. Chasm rebelled against this oppression and began to make plans to run away. At the age of sixteen, she took her father's quarterstave, some money, a sack, and some food, and ran away from the town. She wandered through the wild areas of Altene, living in the wild. Bandits soon learned to stay away from the green-eyed young woman who walked the forest, after fellow bandits who were foolish enough to go after her, were found slain in ditches. After a year of wandering, Chasm reached Iridine, where she began to make a living. Chasm's saga goes on and on, and only Ereal himself knows what will happen to her.

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