Chaos Star

A great storm raged of the shores of Windward, Causing chaos to ships at sea and in port. Once the storm and dispensed and the chaos had returned to order, search party's began the search for wrecked ships and their survivors. On a beach on the eastern side of Windward was the remains of a ship lost at sea and brought in by the tide, only one sound could be heard coming from the remains and that sound at the dead of night was the sound of a baby's cry.

One searching party was searching that same beach and found the remains under a now clear and starry night. By the light of the full moon and their lantern's they searched the remains of the ship for survivors and cargo. They followed the sound of the crying baby and found him nestled among the remains in a chest with golden bands. They opened the chest and found a small child with blonde hair and greens eyes, a combination no-one had ever seen. Wondering what the ship's origin was they began looking for clues. They only found wood of a tree unknown and a shield with a design now no one had seen before. The design was a circle with a white teardrop covering half of the circle and the other half an identical black teardrop upside down. The head of the search was a Priest of Ereal named Michael, he took the boy for is own on that very night. Michael named this boy Chaos from the storm that had brought him to Windward and Star for the starry night on which he was found.

Many years passed as the boy grew and learn to become a priest, along side his lesson's of becoming a priest Michael also taught him of how Windward's had been slaves not long ago, to the Tuchea; and how Michael and come with the Legion of Iridine to free Windward. Then Michael was in the legion too, but stayed in Windward to help teach the Windward's to fight and learn the ways of the Light of Ereal. Chaos learnt how to use the Light of Ereal and gladius to bring peace and order to lands in chaos. But one night Chaos was on a search party with Michael, one very like the one he was found. They approached what they saw as the remains of a ship, but they could hear the sound of fighting and the cries of wounded. They ran into the remains. They found Brigands' killing and looting the sailors who had been ship wrecked. Without a thought Michael lifted his gladius from its scabbed and charged the surprised Brigand's. After several minutes the Brigands had beaten most of the search party back and killed all of the ship wrecked sailors, Chaos was fighting one brigand with another searcher, he saw Michael fighting a Black hooded man with a iron gladius, The brigand which chaos was fighting fell, Chaos then turned his attention to help Michael fight the Hooded man. He was running to help when he saw the Hooded man bring his pommel down on Michael knocking him unconscious, (Michael had taught him that move and Chaos knew it as sap) then the Hooded man brought down his iron gladius in a killing blow. Chaos dropped to his knees as he watched the Hood pull his gladius free of Michael's dead corpse and clean the blade on Michael's cloak. Knowing they were fighting a losing battle the searchers began to fall back. Pulling a stunned Chaos with them. When they returned they found only the bodies with only their underclothes on. They buried the dead and on Michael's grave, Chaos swore an oath to follow the Light of Ereal and fight against the beasts in the shadows, which hide from the Light of Ereal. With this oath he left Windward in search to join the Legion and bring the Light of Ereal to the shadows.

This search led him to the place of which Michael had come, Iridine.

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