"Cerebrus", a very strange man, appeared in town immediatly after the occupation.  His age is not known, but he seems to be around fifty. According to him, as a child, he was the son of a high-ranking Cineran military officer.   His father would not allow him to do what he wanted to most, join the military as a soldier, so he was knocked around from camp to camp, as a trainee.  When his father was assassinated, he enlisted as a soldier.  After a few months in a "special" division, which he refuses to speak of,  he was transferred to a fully combative unit.  He was injured badly in his first mission, and lay on the ground dieing.  He passed out, remembering only seeing a man in a hood walk around the corner.  When he awoke, he was fully healed, without even a scar from the sword that had passed through his heart.  This caused his severe hatred for magic, and as such he is an enemy of the Black Dragon.  He wandered a bit, untill he wound up in Iridine.  He works as a bodyguard and a bandit hunter, and wants membership in the Legion so he can die with honor.  He harbors a deep animosity towards the Constables, having spent more than his share of time in jail as a political prisoner.  Cerebrus' name is not known, though you could always ask. :)  Before he dies, he wants to find the man who killed his father, and kill him.  He would appreciate any help anyone can give in finding that mans identity. The man will never be found... Cerebrus was killed in a rebellion on January 7 1999.

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