Carnseth Altene

It was a dark day the day Carnseth was born. His matro cries in pain as she dies in labor. His patro removes a small runt of a child and sneers in disgust as the child is extremely small.

'You killed your matro!' His patro growls as he gives the child to a mid-wife. 'This child will be named Carnseth.' His patro slumps over the now dead woman and cries.


Time passes and Carnseth grows into a young man. Cursed with abnormal size, he is however quick with his hands and feet. He learns the weapon of staves with the rest of his brothers in training becomes very good at it. He lives a very tough life however, being abnormally small for an Altene has its disadvantages such as the taunts and teases and occasional beating by the bigger kids. Carnseth, did have his brothers, but his patro didn't say or do a thing.

Feeling rejected, Carnseth takes a life on the road, to find where he can belong. Along the way he has developed skills that would make hi rich, and skills that would help him survive in the world of Midlight. He arrives in Iridine....

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