Carlos Antonio Quezada

Thunder and lightning is heard outside the house...
Inside and a discussion is held...
- The boy said, “You can’t decide who i am, i will decide it...”
- The father said, “Yes I can and i will... You can forget about that stave thing you are talking about, you will be a Scholar...”
- The boy said, “A Scholar, but i hate that crap, i want to fight with my stave, that is what I was born for”
- The father said, “No... You will be a Scholar, as I am and your grandfather wa... WHAT THE...”
Outside the house a lightening stroke a tree...
Both the boy and the father came out of the house to check for damages...
- The boy said, “Look...”
In the spot where the lightening stroke the tree there was an inscription...
- The boy read, “I, Ereal God of Light, have granted you your wish...”
Just after the boy read the inscription a quarterstave appeared before the tree.
The father shocked took two steps back, stumbled and fell flat on the ground.
The boy, as much shocked as his father was, approached the quarterstave, grabbed it, wielded it, swinged it and muttered, “Thanks Ereal...”

The quarterstave wasn’t really special, it was just a normal one, what matters is that the boy got his wish granted... Next thing the boy did was to enter the house, put his stuff into a large sack and ran away from his home never to return... Many years passed and the boy became a young man, he came to Iridine and began a life there. If you want to practice with him or you just want to have a drink just give him a call he is always prone to have new friends, either in chit-chat or in battle.

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