Capwinius Ni

Born to the house wife, Diane, and Mercenary warrior, Arthur, Capwinius(cap for short) was raised in Altene where he learned the art of staves as a young child. Slowly improving in staves as he grew he also started to grow tired and dreamed of being a swordsman like the ones in the stories he hears from Iridine. At the age of fifteen his father was killed helping the legions fight against the Cinerans. He was devestated by the news and vowed to go to Iridine and help the legions defeat the Cineran bastards. On his 16th birthday his uncle had heard of his vow and decided to help. Over the next two years his uncle trained him in the art of swordsmanship. When he was seventeen Capwinius set out to go to Iridine. He brought both the stave his father had given him and the tin gladius his uncle had still not sure which one he'd rather use. Upon reaching Iridine he was taken back by the sheer size of the city. It was nothing like the small town he grew up in. After exploring a bit he decided he liked the gladius and thus he slowly forgot how to use the staves as his fathers and forefathers did and grew better in the gladius. Even though he had forgotten how to use the stave he kept it to remind himself of his vow. After a month or so of fighting in the allies and sewers he finally got his chance to make good on his vow when it was announced that the legion was recruiting. He showed up to the recruitment full of excitment and pride that he was actually going to be able to make good on his vow. After being yelled at a bit by Wallace and the other officers he got his chance to sign up and is now awaiting the next battle to prove himself as an legionare.

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