Callisto Enyo

Callisto was born in Sostaeran on the 22nd Day of Lucifal in the 200th Year of the Republic, the eldest of Escalus and Carolinya Enyo's two daughters. She and her younger sister, Severa, had the good fortune to have been brought up in a very comfortable and happy home. Their father inherited a lucrative locksmithing business before married he Gadaene wife, so Callisto never knew any hardship. She was her father's favourite, expected to take over the business when he retired, and as a restult she was thoroughly spoiled as a child.

But Callisto, having the influence of an outgoing Gadaene mother, was never impressed with the slow, sedate pace of her homeland. She looked for adventure and excitement in Sostaeran, and when she failed to find it, she and Severa took to making their own entertainment. Their prosperous neighbourhood was the arena for years of practical jokes and pranks, some of which often went horribly wrong. Their father's shop was flooded on more than one occasion, and numerous fires seemed to break out whenever the Enyo sisters had been playing one of their jokes. Callisto always blames Severa for these, but Severa usually reminds her that is was Callisto who was holding the torch when the fires started. Her inability to hold onto a torch earned Callisto the nickname Butterfingers, which she still applies to herself.

The final straw came when, having been arrested by the Sostaeran constables for breaking into the house of a neighbour, Callisto 'accidently' set fire to the jail. Upon hearing this, her father decided it was for the best that she should go to Iridine to earn her own living, and settle down before she came home to take over the business. So seventeen-year-old Callisto packed her lockpicks and headed for the bright lights of Iridine and has never looked back since. She has been in Iridine for over a year now, getting increasingly better at locksmithing, and learning how to use the short whip.

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