Brask Pereldar

Brask Pereldar was born the eldest son of Peripus Pereldar, a lesser Cineran Warlord. Brask's father was a lazy man squandering the land his grandfather had left him, and waisting away the Pereldar holdings till they were a mere shadow of their former self. Brask's early life, like most Cineran children, was harsh. His father routinly beat, and mistreated him. Despite all this, as is the time honored Cineran tradition, he did teach Brask one thing. How to fight. Brask poured all his free energy into the gladius, letting the anger at his father, and the anger at his family's fall from greatness fuel him. Therefore it was no surprise that when he reached the age of 16 he challanged his father, and slew him, therby taking possession of the Pereldar holdings. What Brask was left with after his father's death was in sad shape, a few small farms, and a run down fort not big enough to house 50 soldiers. Together with his younger brother Brask decided that the only way to rebuild his family's fortune would be to take up the banner of a mercenary. After buying his brothers right to be a Cineran, Brask left him in charge of his lands and went off to rebuild his house. Over the years Brask has served with, or against, nearly every army in Midlight, in a miriad of roles. He has earned the reputation of being a hard man. He will not kill unless paid to do so, and will leave his employer at the exact minute his contract has been fullfilled, even if that be in the heat of battle. Brask has made many trips back to Cinera, to check on his holdings, and to fight duels to inlarge his lands, and over the years, bit by bit, he has managed to regain much of the land his father lost. Recently however, after serving a short contract in the Blackroot mountains, Brask recieved a letter from his brother warning that the war with Iridine had made it increasingly more dangerous for Brask to come back at that time. His brother warned him that he had made many enemies over the years, and even the money he had sent home would not buy Brask's safety. Knowing that going back to Cinera ment an unhonorable death at the hands of his enemies Brask has decided to wait until things cool down in Iridine.

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