Benignus Magnus

Benignus is usually a quiet and intelligent person, but at times, a little too trusting. His faith in Ereal has been ardent throughout his life but has not always been open about his faith. His family was poor and lived in the Steps. Life was hard, so his parents made him get a job as a messenger, running from one place to another delivering messages for various people. He tired easily, but made it from place to place like lightning.

His involvment in Iridine society came shortly after the death of his parents. They were slain and looted in the alleys by the harbor by a man that uses a quarterstave. Taking a knife from his home, he started out to seek vengence on the man that killed his parents.

After searching for a month, Benignus found his Altene cousin, whom had been lurking in the city for quite some time and had the contacts Benignus needed to get his revenge. However, his cousin later betrayed him, robbing him, leaving him with only his life and disappointment. Disowning his cousin, Benignus turned to others to aid him in his quest.

During this search, Benignus found peace with himself, and was able to forgive the man that had slain his parents. He then joined the MVG with a new goal: to protect Monlon, the holy city. Ereal's light had shown him the way. Benignus was sure that his parents were with Ereal, and in thanks, vowed to protect Monlon for Him.

His past is tainted by hatred, and his future is unclear, but Benignus will do whatever it takes to help people be as content as he is.

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