Belle of Altene

Born on the 1st day of Tulcas in the 200th Year of the Republic, Belle was born to a savage lifestyle of the Altene clans. The Altene borderers had warred against Belle’s clan, the Louries, for three generations. As Belle reached the fragile age of eight her clan was slaughtered in a bloody, final confrontation with their enemies. Belle escaped the ravages of the enemy clan and fled into the wilderness.

A short time after she fled she encountered a trade caravan on their way back to the city Iridine. Amongst the traders was a locksmith named Jovus Selppe. He had mercy on the frightened and hungry wretch that Belle had become. Jovus cared for her until the caravans’ arrival in Iridine where Jovus, no longer able to care for Belle on his meager earnings, left her as an indentured servant to a local Innkeeper in hopes that she would one day gain her freedom.

When Belle had reached the age of seventeen she had paid her debt to her master and sought out the man who had saved her life. She found Jovus, a man old of body but of nimble mind. She convinced Jovus to allow her to work for him and learn his trade of locksmithing.

Just a few weeks short of Belle’s 18th birthday Jovus died and left Belle with nothing but his debts and locksmithing legacy. So with the knowledge that Jovus passed onto her Belle is prepared to seek out, once again, a new life.

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