Baylii let the ship rock him back and forth as he stood on deck. He loved sea travel, but he always prefered to be in the forest, his own element. Still from Altene to Iridine the sea was the best way to go, and he needed to get away quickly. He didn't know why he had left his teacher's Domus, he didn't really know why he was going to Iridine either. The one thing he knew for sure, is he would survive there, he always survived somehow.


Baylii was born into the world with kind parents, but he never got to know them. They were killed while he slept. Baylii survived that night wondering why he wasn't killed too. He just shrugged it off, but at age six where would he go? He took the one weapon he knew, the quarterstave and marched onto the streets. Baylii somehow managed to survive a year on the hard streets of Altene. But still meals were few and far between and he had to do things his morals stood against. That all changed when one day a man happened by Baylii and looked at him. "You have the aura of a survive, tell me where are your parents?" asked the man. "They died, I should have died too," said Baylii coldly. "Come stay with me awhile, least I can provide is a warm meal," said the man beckoning for Baylii to follow. And so a friendship quickly developed as the man began to teach Baylii more with his stave, and also how to survive in the outdoors. It was then the voice began to follow him, the would tell him to leave and that this wasn't his place. He belong in a place of remeberance, a place where heroes were named. And so he walked away from his friend's domus and back onto the streets. He walked into a small tavern and heard from some nearby sailors about the war Iridine was in with Cinera. So he set out, to take his place as a hero of the world. In the Republic of Iridine.

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